Mother's day shopping spree

I saw a couple of items on a PCCITY brochure that catch my eye. First one was the Freecom MediaPlayer-35 with a 250GB HD. I bought last summer a similar device from EasyBuy but I sold it after the summer as it was only 40GB capacity (though the fact it was USB-powered and only 2.5" made it quite portable). This unit is based on the use of 3.5" IDE hard disks which are cheaper and higher capacity than 2.5" cousins. This unit like many others in the market will handle your DivX, MP3 and JPG files so you can bore or scare to death your friends (worth mentioning it can also handle OGG audio). But it can also came with the relatively new feature of a LAN connection so you can also play contents from a Windows (or Samba) share on your home network. Network connection is just for streaming and video/music/photo files are transferred using USB 2.0. The unit can also play your ripped DVDs, menu included. Outputs are quite complete, including composite, analog audio, coax audio and optical audio output, plus S-VHS and Y/PB/PR component output. The harddrive can be replaced by the user (Freecom is also marketing a kit so the users can add their own HD). The unit is fanless and the less remarkable part is the remote control (on the right of the photo) that looks a bit cheap.

The other item that was on sale was a LG 19" LCD TV with analog tuner and SCART, composite, S-VHS and VGA inputs all for a nice price. I almost didn't do it as my VISA card refused to accept the charges at checkout.


Hiroshi Ikeda said…
I'm looking for one like you have now, but only the case, because I have 3,5'' hardk disk waiting for spinning its disks. I search for that item at Google, ebay, etc, but no satisfactory result was returned. So, think of me if you want to waste this hardware piece, ok?
Sorry about my English like 'All of your base are belong to us'...
Miguel Sánchez said…
First place I saw

May not be the best price but it's not bad.

This one seems better

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