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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Timing belts and pulleys

When I started the project of creating my own version of Hektor I thought that the most difficult task would be something related with the software or the stepper motor controller, but I was wrong: The most difficult part has been finding the right hardware parts. More exactly, finding a local supplier.

While getting a USB 3-axis stepper motor controller on eBay was easy, even though it was coming from Australia it didn't take long. Finding the right toothed pulleys and belt it is being a nightmare, as local suppliers do not have "small size" elements nor a fast delivery. Should I have bought everything online I will be done now.

To be honest I was not even aware I would need that type of transmission system. My first impression was that it could be done with just some type of string, but after several failures I had to admit that toothed belts was probably the smart way to go. But then it was kind of late as I had the rest of components laying on my desk. After visiting the shops of several local suppliers (some of them thought I was kind of crazy for asking for open ended belts) I am expecting to visit one that seems to have what I need (but I do have an eBay contact that it will be happy to ship to Spain too).

Once again it is clear that the Devil is in the details.


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