Gmail's new feature

As a Gmail user I've sometimes trouble with certain email alias unhappy of me sending from an SMTP server outside of our campus network. Another source of weirdness is the fact that while the From: field shows what I want, there is also a, sometimes not hidden, "On behalf of" that is broadcasting my gmail account even when I'm not interested on doing so.

It's great that Gmail has added a new feature that allows Gmail servers to use your organization SMTP server as the outgoing SMTP server for your corporate email address.

The two above mentioned problems are fixed then: You can send to email alias only intended for local users just right from Gmail (no nasty Outlook anymore, thanks). And secondly, there is only now the right From: mailbox.



Anonymous said…
That's a great news. Thnaks google (at last) and thanks for info:)
Mr-Yellow said…
Pitty it broke the old method and now message filtering doesn't work.

Please enable the old method in full *as well as* this one. Currently the old method is broken and gmail just lost most of it's usability.
Miguel Sánchez said…
@nessip: anytime.

@Mr-Yellow: Could you please elaborate a bit more on what is broken?

As far as I know, these new feature can be enabled for each alternate address you have tied to your Gmail account. You do not have to use it if you do not need it. (I guess I'm missing something ...).
Pecos Bill said…
I LIKE my email client: Apple's Mail. I just posted a problem report but found this so I thought I'd add here as well. I can't connect to and I know it's not my credentials. I'm guessing Yahoo is firewalling.

As for my email client, it won't allow me to set up two accounts with the same login. Therefore, I cannot have my "subaccount" send directly through bizmail (not my choice) and leave my main account separate. It would be nice if would handle this ugliness for me while still supporting my cherished IMAP client. (Apple uses the email address for a folder name for local storage.)
Miguel Sánchez said…
@Pecos Bill:

I'm not sure what trouble you're experiencing with Yahoo but I think you could use Gmail's SMTP server to receive your outgoing mail from your Apple Mail software. If you've instructed Gmail to use Yahoo SMTP server whenever mail source address is Yahoo's.

It may be that Yahoo is preventing you to send through their SMTP server as your IP address might be reported as a spam source by any blacklist.

Good luck!
meadowview said…
how do I disable the task block that covers half my email? I would like not to have/use this feature and prefer the old. said…
If follow up is sent to email Icannot read it. It will be covered by the block of 'task' text. I just want to disable that feature. send to please?
Ganesh said…
My few email directly do and sit in "Bin" Folder. How to aviod this?
Miguel Sánchez said…
@meadowview: you can click on the green icon on the top right of Gmail's web interface to disable the Tasks feature.

@Ganesh: Gmail web interface does not use folders. I guess you use a local software on your computer to download email from your Gmail account. I'd need to know what email software you use to provide you any helpd.
Free Space said…
How i cant Gmail??
Rose said…
Please help anyone !!

In my gmail page everytime I try to label my email, I get the error message saying - "Image is undefined" and "undefined" is null or not an object !!

So I cannot use my label tab to categories my emails !

Miguel Sánchez said…
@Rose: What browser do you use? Are you using http:// or https:// for accessing your Gmail?
kuldeep said…
That's a great news. Thnaks google (at last) and thanks for info:)
Raja Doddapa said…
The rich text format could be introduced in group mailing why it is defunct in group mailing
Miguel Sánchez said…

I'm not sure I understand you correctly: When composing a mail you can do it using either "plain text" or "rich formatting" (using the webmail interface). This is regardless on whether destination is a single user or a group (which is handled as a list of individual addresses).

Could you please enlighten me a bit more on what you are missing?
Jesus said…
It works OK. Thank you very much Miguel. I had the same problem as you with the UPV/GMAIL servers


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