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Feeling the RepRap itch

Not that the RepRap project is something new, but for a set of reasons I am now getting quite interested on it. Still, since my last post, there is a lot of information to process, but this time I am more willing to use some time reading the forums.
There are also some companies that are selling complete kits of 3D printers inspired by RepRap guts (but that claim no percentage or self-replication feature).
The basic idea is to have an XY-table where a plastic extruder can deposit layer after layer on what becomes the Z-axis. Current versions of the control electronics receive and interpret commands in g-code format from one of several possible control programs (Skeinforge, RepRap, SuperSkein, ReplicatorG, ...).
Now I need to learn a bit about 3D design software, though I have discovered a few interesting programs, like MeshLab, Wings3D or OpenSCAD. The latter being a script-oriented design approach, very interesting and useful.
For the moment I am still considering what printer or kit t…