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I bought a Prusa MK3 too

first layer adjustment). I have been testing each new version of Josef Prusa printers and I am glad at how good and predictable the build process is turning, and documentation is getting better at each new release.

Prusa i3 MK3 is addressing quite a few shortcomings of these type of printers with a good dose of innovation and ingenuity.

I ordered my printers in October 2017 and got it here last Monday. I knew there was a significant waiting time but I was not in a hurry at the time. And it seems to wait has played in my favor as I have received some improvements over the original release (mine are definitely hardened rods). But I  will yet have to wait for a PEI laminated steel sheet.

This time I built the printer by myself: it is more entertained when you have a helper that can double-check the manual, but version 3.0 of the manual is already very good. My only complaint on that front is that although it is clear Prusa Research is doing an effort with a full-color manual in a large …