"Paella Valenciana" HOWTO

It is time to get out and have some fun while your computers are powered off. So I propose a radical change just for today: Cooking a typical dish from my area that all of my friends love.

First of all the ingredients you need (I assume you already have a paella pan):

You add some olive oil (to cover 2/3 or the pan surface) and start deep frying the chicken you previously have salted.

Once the chicken is getting brown, spread it to the side of the pan and put the beans in the oil to fry it a bit too (beware not to burn it). Once this is done add the tomato and garlic and fry it too.

Add one spoon of sweet paprika (non hot!) and stir and mix thoroughly. Then add water up to half an inch of the border of the pan (for this to work you have to have quite flat to start with) and add the yellow food colorant too (or safron if you can afford it).

Let the water boil for half an hour so all the ingredients will get fully cooked. Afterwards add the rice (that has to be half the volume of water you have now).

The rice takes 20 minutes (check your rice bag instructions as it might be different for yours). Once the rice is done take away from the heat and let it rest for five more minutes.

Serve it and enjoy.

Some additional ideas:
  • Add some rosemary when you add the rice to give a special flavour.
  • Replace the chicken by artichoke, carrot and zucchinni to get a veggie version.
  • Add half cup of brandy with the water so chicken will get tender.
  • Comments

    Hiroshi Ikeda said…
    The most interesting I ever read!!!!
    Hiroshi Ikeda said…
    I mean, The most interesting article I ever read, sorry
    Miguel Sánchez said…
    Tasty, isn't it?
    marcos said…
    Thank you for your very simple Paella recipe. The "Paella Passion" in SPAIN is very similiar in how we Texans prepare our chilli or chilli con carne dishes. Interesting in how the Paella is so similiar to Cajun Jambalya (can't get enough of). Small world when it comes to cookin. I love chicken, seafood and rice dishes. This will surely be a treat for mi familia.
    Any recipes from Galicea (Lugo, ES)? I have Lugo family roots from there.
    gwadzilla said…

    no seafood!

    love the cooking on the open fire

    but I am going to add seafood and do it on the stove
    Miguel Sánchez said…
    shrimps, squid, cuttlefish are all nice and you may combine it with meat or not. Most of it needs just a few minutes cooking time so you better prepare in advance some fish stock to use instead of having this boiling long time.

    However, that said, that won't be the typical valencian paella though it can be good.

    Bon appetite!

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