Another Genius Tablet

I mentioned before one portable tablet from Genuis (the G-Note 5000) that can also be attached to the computer to be used as a regular tablet. I'm quite happy about it but unfortunately it does not have pressusure sensitivity (two is not enough for some applications).

Wacom is the brand name drawing tablets. The problem is that Wacom tablets are quite expensive too. The main advantage of Wacom is that they pointer they use requires no battery. Other brands, however, although they have cheaper units, require a battery inside the tablet stylus.

I think I can handle the extra weight so I have bought a Genius G-Pen 4500 for around $35. Besides I am also getting a small mouse I can use in the same tablet space.

The included software worked Ok in Windows XP with The Gimp but not with Inkscape. The OS X driver seems to work only so an so (it might be it requires a good amount of processing power and my iBook is not that fast, I am not sure).

Linux was a no go. Although the G-Note worked with the evdev driver, the G-Pen requires a new driver. Luckily there is WizardPen driver. And after fidling a bit with my xorg.conf file I got it working under Ubuntu 6.06.

On the cons side Ubuntu just shows nothing on the screen when X starts and the tablet is not connected. A script needs to be created so the tablet invocation on the "ServerLayout" section is removed then.


CryptonX said…
Good article ,
But personal do you recommend getting a TABLET from Genius ?

I am about to buy one , but I use it mainly for Drawings and Painting , I haven't found WACOM tablets here and they Don't SHIP to here !

I found one , Can't really remmember the model name but it was for Arround $90 , a Genius one .I will check its name again .
Miguel Sánchez said…
I haven't use the tablet for a long time but based on my personal experience I would buy again.

The main difference is that Wacom develops their own technology and drivers while Genius seems more an OEM (their tablets are from UC-Logic). Only Wacom seems not to need a battery for the stylus (so they can make it lighter).

The unit I bought was 4"x5.5" and it seems large enough to me (I paid 32 Euros). If you want to get a larger unit it will cost you much more money (i.e. 9x12" cost near $200).

I think the Genius tablet is a good value. I do not mean Wacom is bad, they are likely the market leaders!

Good luck!

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