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Oracle SQL Developer

I needed to access some data on our corporate Oracle database server. Unfortunately, no information was given to me other that the PHP connection string. I had not idea about the table or view names either, so I tried to use a database management tool but lacking any previous knowledge about Oracle databases I look for what I've used in the past. I was quite happy with EMS Postgresql Manager and I learned they do have a simlilar product for Oracle databases, but after installing it I learned I needed to install SQL*Net software which I did not know where to get from.

However, a quick Google search lead me to another gem from Oracle: SQL developer and the word free captured my attention inmediately. It turns out it is a nice Java program that is available for a variety of platforms. I'm currently using it on Windows and Linux successfully (please note JDK >=1.5 is required).

Using this program I was able to learn about the tables on the server but not before I was able to disc…

eBay deals

If you use eBay long enough you'll end up with some trouble. I guess the same is true wherever you buy your stuff. Sometimes things go wrong either with shipping or you get a nice DOA. My case is no different, after several good deals I've got a badly broken bycicle headlight (pictured on the left).

As it was a cheap item money was not a big problem, but still you feel you should get a fix, either in the form of a refund or a new item. The problem this time was the seller was not answering my messages. At this point I decided not to let him go without a fight. After 48 hours without an answer and checking in that seller feedback that not answering complains was his standard behaviour I filed a complain with eBay. However, eBay forwarded me to PayPal as the item had been paid using PayPal.

I thought that although I might not get the money back I would be educating the seller as I was guessing PayPal (through which he gets most of the payments) would force him to at least provide…