Losing the weekend fight

Over the weekend I've lost several battles:
  • First one was against my TV computer. The Asrock motherboard died last week, so I bought a replacement but it was an Elitegroup VIA KM400-M. To make a long story short I tell you this mobo does not play right with my Nexus-S PCI card. Of course, figuring that out took me a good part of the weekend. I sent a support request to the manufacturer, but given the way the manage their website I'm afraid I am in for a big dissapointment.

  • Second, I turned to my desktop to scan some pages I realized that my Ubuntu upgrade to Feisty also did bring an annoying bug that made my Acer S2W 3300U scanner not to work properly. It turns out it is a new bug that can be avoided by using the scanbuttond application (weird but true, this daemon-like application prevents the scanner to be powered down which is what causes the bug). Finally I managed to get the work done, but I'm exhausted. Those of you with your shine Vista and the same scanner are not lucky either as it seems not to work.
I ended up recovering an old P3 motherboard I put on a piece of cardboard under the TV set (as its size does not fit inside my TV computer case). I hope this week nothing will break.


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