OpenOffice fonts in Feisty

A colleague of mine who tried the new Ubuntu 7.04 was not happy with the OpenOffice Impress tool (I'd say he was not very impressed) because certain pages were rendered using larger fonts that in the original page. This odd behavior was forcing him to patch slides that were ok for previous versions of OpenOffice.

I haven't experienced the problem myself, but I told him to have a look at Launchpad to see if there was a bug report on this and, if not, to file his own bug report. It turned out that a very helpful guy reported a similar problem, its cause and several suggestions to fix it.

It turns out there is nothing wrong with OpenOffice but last version of Ubuntu fails to do the right substitution with some fonts. This bug was not happening on previous Ubuntu versions though. As my friend's problem was due to the use of some TrueType fonts from Microsoft (a document migrated from PowerPoint) I suggested to install the package msttcorefonts and that fixed the problem.


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