Joost about to leave beta

I was told about Joost some time ago at the most unexpected place by a person I just met. After having lunch with Alvy (from Microsiervos), Francisco (Mystrands' founder) and Victor Fuente. Victor showed me Joost player on his laptop. It was kind of weird because we were having a drink by the beach and it seems that pub did have an open wifi with a decent bandwidth. I was shocked: that thing really worked quite decently, so I guess the result has to be even better on a standard Internet connection.

You still will need an invite while they are in beta to try it out, but you can register your email address to be paged once the beta is over.

But, what the heck it is that Joost thing? Well ... (in case you are too lazy to click on the link above) ... Joost is a P2P TV tuner software. You can receive a good number of TV stations with a decent quality.


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