Another new iMac

I have been fascinated with the idea of a silent computer and the new Apple iMac captured my attention when they created the new aluminum line.

Last time I bought a computer from Apple it ended up being used mostly by my wife. For this problem not to happen again I've just bought her a new iMac!. I am allowed to use it from time to time (mostly to install new software).

After a few hours of using the system I am more than happy with the looks, the clutter-free desktop and the silent operation (I guess that after several minutes of heavy load you will start listening some noise but this just has not happened yet). I've read it has three fans inside.

The main complain is that the unit is not user serviceable (say goodbye to upgrade your hard disk). However everything I've tried just worked out of the box, no problem at all. I only needed to look the documentation to learn how to suspend the system (press play 3 seconds on the remote or the power button or select suspend in the apple-menu).

While some people complain there is no leds on the front this is not exact as the iSight camera does have a green led. What is true is that there is no external indication (led) as to whether the system is off or suspended (maybe the could blink the camera led for this?).

I was kindly asked to change the DVD zone code when playing a DVD for the first time (and yes, the code map is included in the help in case you -- as I did-- do not remember what is the damn code for your area).

While wireless keyboard looks good too I stuck with the wired one to have a USB 2.0 socket readily available (under the keyboard).

All in all, I am quite happy with this desktop system and so is my wife.


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