Good-bye Mailinator?

I tried to use service today unsuccessfully. It seems the popular passwordless free webmail service is not available now (being passwordless means that you should not use it for any private messages as anybody might have access to your messages if they figure out your mailbox name).

For several years, Mailinator was a useful allied for those not willing to give up their real email address when registering for a service or download.

They seem to have a blog. And nothing about shutting down the system is ever mentioned. So hopefully is just a technical problem they are experiencing as the domain name is paid for till 2011 by Mailinator's creator Paul Tyma. Pinging the server works, but the system rejects any http connection attempt.

Anyway, fear not as there are different interesting alternatives.

Update: They are back on-line!!


felix said…
Hey, mailinator's great - so are the others. It's a tough business to be in, tough, lots of cost not much money. :) So I won't be surprised if some of those just give up.
Miguel Sánchez said…
A useful service that is free. Who could ask for more?

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