Removing DRM from WMV files

Did you ever wanted to play a file on a different device but you were prevented to do so because the file you bought had some nasty DRM inside?

Well, I did and I wanted to do something about it. There is a tool that seems to work nicely for this purpose and it does not involves cracking the DRM system. It is tunebite software. It somehow reminds me the idea of Total Recorder but now it does work with videos too.

The idea is quite simple: If you can play it you can record on-the-fly from your own computer. I guess it is easier to say than to do it. But this company seems to have done a pretty good job.

They claim doing this is not illegal but I cannot provide you legal advice. For me it did the work of enabling my wife watching a DRM-ed video on her Creative Vision:M, which by the way it is a better video "iPod" than Apple's.


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