GIMP and Leopard can now work together

I reported some days ago I could no longer use The GIMP on the newest OS X 10.5 , aka Leopard. It transpired the problem was due to changes on X11 support. Apple has moved from Xfree86 to implementation and this move created some trouble for several Xwindow applications.

Fortunately the fixes are already available and a new binary I found here is working like a charm on our iMac (this subtle change on iMac's ownership claim has not been yet noticed by my wife).

BTW, if you want to try the Time Machine in Leopard you need to now that the external hard disk you use needs an HFS+ partition. So if you just have another one the drive will need to be repartitioned and you will lose all your data. Warning messages are given before though.

If you used arhive install, as I did, you'll have around 12 GB with a copy of your old Tiger setup. It may be a good idea to delete it (provided you already had another backup) before using the Time Machine for the first time.


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