Leopard upgrade blues

My wife's iMac is dead after the Leopard upgrade (I was about to tell you how fast was the delivery of the DVD from Apple's store). I've seen I'm not alone and I'm going to have to do another type of install that essentially will wipe out all the apps and config already done.

This is the feedback I left on Apple's feedback page:

I had an almost "virgin" one-month old aluminium iMac 20". I requested the upgrade DVD to go from Tiger to Leopard.

Now my system refuses to accept my password anymore. After a blue screen it gets back to asking me my password again (I'm positive I'm typing the right password). Now I have discovered many users are having the same problem.

Shame on you Apple. It's really not acceptable. None of the "rm" tricks proposed did fix the problem so I guess I'll have to go through the archive install. This ruined my day. I am not happy.

So be warned, do not expect the normal upgrade to work and reserve a full morning for the upgrade thing plus all the extra time you need to configure everything back to the way it was with Tiger.

Update: Serveral hours later, and one unusual backup through AFP, the archive install worked once I discovered where that option was hidden. Surprisingly my data, installed applications, X11 and MS Office, GIMP and Inkscape are installed and working ok.

Correction: While GIMP 2.4-rc3-intel seems to work after upgrading to Leopard I was wrong. No useful work can be done now and GIMP crashes without previous warning as soon as you use any paint tool. I think reverting back to 2.2.11 maybe the way to go for the moment.


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