Still more problems with Ubuntu 7.10

While I have to admit I am quite happy with the last Ubuntu version I have to mention several bumps I ran into:
  • To my surprise, the usual way of installing ssh server did not work as expected. After doing sudo apt-get install ssh I've got installed and running the ssh daemon, but no connection was possible. Well, not sure what happened, but now it works ... I cannot trace what exactly the problem was though it seems two daemon processes were launched by error.
  • Realplayer is another problematic application that use to work in previous versions but now it creates trouble.
  • The adobe Flash player is (almost a requirement if you want YouTube videos to play) another tool creating trouble at the moment. The install will fail but some magic can be done to get it working too.
  • VMware's vmplayer is another example of this apparent regression of tools. It was working before but stopped working not. Fortunately help was on its way and it can be fixed too.
None of these problems has been a show stopper but they all add up to create a general impression that Gutsy has been rushed without enough testing. (To be honest I reckon the Flash problem has been caused by Adobe releasing a new version of the linux plugin).

Once said that and given I've fixed all the issues I had with the Desktop Effects on different computers (most of the trouble was due to ATI cards --sorry AMD, you have to do it better--) I am quite happy with this version. Font rendering seems to have improved and the neat effects on the desktop add a nice touch to the system. I think work is being done in the right direction, just please keep working applications working on each new version.

Hopefully I'll be able now to move on to other topics on this blog.


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