Testing Ubuntu 7.10

After some weeks waiting to allow the news to settle, I've decided to install the new release of Ubuntu known as Gutsy Gibbon. I have started with my laptop that was most needed of an upgrade as it was still running the same version I installed 18 months ago. At the time, Ubuntu required me to tweak several things to get the laptop running fine and still the memory card reader was a no go.

This time installation was faster and everything worked first time (all but the WLAN led, while WLAN worked ok the led showing it was on didn't). No need to fight with any xorg config file to get the right screen resolution. Suspension worked nicely too (but I needed to go to the preferences menu to select the power save operations I wished: closing the lid will suspend the system). For the first time Firefox prompt a Java runtime install that worked ok, giving you the choice of what virtual machine you wanted, too.

I've read some claims that battery consumption might be higher on this new release. My unscientific first impression is that they might be right, as it seems to deplete battery slightly faster than before.

All in all I think I am moving my other desktops to this new version. And yes, in case you wonder this new release will easily download any multimedia codec you need to play audio/video content.


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