Develop with Arduino

I'm visiting a school in northern Finland next week. This is the presentation I'm giving. It's intended for first year students so you'll find it very basic, and you'll miss the fun of some demos. By putting it here I have a backup plan if I lose my pendrive :-)


Anonymous said…
hi Miguel
i am an MA student and I have a project to do with arduino and max/msp...unfortunately i have no idea how to use both.
what i have to do it's more of a simple exercise. i want to do something with lighting and i have found your example with the candle light effect fascinating. i think you are the kind of person that will make students really love these stuff :)

i was wondering wether i could contact you by email to discuss my matter further.
i would like to do the privately and we can also discuss a fee i could give you for your help.

please let me know
Miguel Sánchez said…
You can reach me by email misan at disca dot upv anotherdot es

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