Keeping myself out of trouble

Just when the anger from a previous rip-off on eBay fades away, I'm watching myself doing it again: I was bidding on an item that had only 30 minutes left. I went to do other things and when I was back I tried to see what had happened. However, what I've obtained was the warning shown here. Apparently the auction had been canceled.

After checking my emails I realized that I had been outbid by another bidder who actually won the bid. Nothing surprising here, but a few minutes later another email informed me that the auction can been canceled "Cancelled - Results Null and Void" was the subject. However not much useful information was provided, or so I thought

We're writing to let you know that eBay has ended the following item you were bidding on due to factors beyond the seller's control:

Item Number - 200201885499
Item Title - BRAND NEW *iPod touch* 16GB 16 GB WIFI,TOUCH WIDESCREEN

As eBay removed the item, you are no longer obliged to send payment for it. However, the seller is free to list the item again so you may like to watch for future listings from them.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you all the best buying and selling on eBay.


Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)

Not sure what it really happened, I guess the seller was not happy with the maximum bid he was getting (mine) so he fake a higher bid. Not sure on this as the details cannot be seen anymore.

My feeling is that I might have been avoided some trouble, but at the same time it feels so weird that this is not really contributing to increase my willingness to do more shopping on eBay but the opposite.

In case you wonder, it was eBay UK.

Update: Although I've got no more information from eBay or the seller it seems that this can be caused when then winning bid is done from a hijacked account. How they know an account has been hijacked I do not know, maybe it is after the owner complains of not having bought something ...


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