Picasa upload tools

For those of you using Windows you wonder who might need another tool than the free (and great) software to manage your photo collection and to upload selected ones to your Picasa on-line photo sharing web application.

Mac users have been wondering for a while if there was a better way to get photos from iPhoto to Picasa Albums. I discovered this morning that there is a new upload software for Macs that integrates nicely with iPhoto (I'm not checking very often so this feature may be available for download for a long time, I just do not know).

Things for Linux looked really bright when I saw a post claiming that you can install a similar software to the one you use in Windows for Linux. Actually it was too good to be true because what they have done is to package a Windows binary with WINE. Unfortunately this binary lacks the upload feature. So if you want to upload many files at a time it is better to copy on a pen drive and then use a Windows or Apple computer to upload the batch to your Picasa Album.

I've tried unsuccessfully to install some Python code to access several Google APIs, Picasa Albums among others. Unfortunately, there seems that Python changes between 2.4 and 2.5 versions are breaking some things. Ubunty Gutsy maybe doing something wrong too because I couldn't get the thing running.

However I have discovered today a nice and easy software that does the job of uploading many files to a Picasa folder very simple (if you can do command line). And because it is done in Java it will work in any computer, no matter you use Windows or Apple (or GNU/Linux as I do). The only problem I've got it the available binaries are compiled for java-6. Anyway sources are available too.


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