Not impressed with Apple service

As I mentioned on my previous post, my iMac needs a new RAM. I called the shop to be sure they have a technician on the shop and I was told they had one from Monday to Friday. As it was Friday afternoon I thought that if I was lucky they could double check Apple's diagnostic software diagnose: Faulty RAM. This way I could be back home with the iMac in the same trip.

I brought the iMac to the Apple shop I've bought it from, but I was told I had to leave it there (why am I not surprised?) and luckily they will call me next Wednesday. In hindsight I realized they should have stressed the "luckily" part.

Next Monday I've got a call from the "technician". The conversation goes more or less like this: Hi Sir, this is from the Apple shop. I'm trying to have a look at your computer but it is password protected so I cannot log in. I mentioned him that all that I did was to run Apple Diagnostic software and I've got a RAM error right away. Using the system, however, was sometimes successful for some minutes, hours or days till it started to fail. Yes sir, but I need the password so I can log in. I still do not see the need nor the convenience of giving a complete stranger the password but given the way the guy insist I decide to give in and gave him the password.

As some other passwords of services I use are in the Safari cache I did changed my Gmail account password just in case. I am not comfortable with other people messing in my system that contains family photos and other stuff. (I did a full back-up copy in case you are wondering).

As I have not complained about any harddisk problem and as the Apple Diagnostic software is started from a DVD and not from my system HD I cannot understand why they are doing this but let's assume they will fix my issue.

On Thursdaythey have not yet called me so I called them. It was determined my RAM needed to be replaced, both banks. I told them I only had 1GB on a single DIMM, that was the default configuration when I bought the system. I was told that they were waiting for new RAM and they don't expect it to have it available till next week.

I'm glad I have not hard deadlines on the horizon as a simple RAM replacement is going to take them around 10 days (if I'm lucky). Maybe the local hardware shop is spoiling me but they use to have stock of popular RAM formats.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Jesus said…
Miguel, welcome to the bad technical service in Spain...
The worst thing of Apple in Spain is the technical service...

It is a complete disaster, but this is not a new thing..It works in this way for always...


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