iPod Touch trouble

I'll first start telling you that I just love it: The iPod Touch is the coolest PDA-like device I've used. The size seems just right and though it's a bit pricey I ended up buying a couple of them as one of my kids wanted to get rid of his Creative ZEN-V that needs to be reseted every few songs (crap).

However I am really disappointed to discover that while the iPod works nicely with WEP or WPA-PSK wifi protected networks, it does not support Enterprise WPA (that uses a Radius server for user authentication). That renders the unit almost useless in our campus.

I've been told that if I pay $20 for an additional software then I'll be able to use a VPN client software that comes with it, but still no Enterprise WPA. Unfortunately I am not in the mood of shelling out a dollar more to Apple. I do think that they are too driven to make even more money out of us, unsuspecting customers, which does not improve their brand image in my mind.

I am afraid I'll have to do this jailbreak thing to bring some freedom to my devices. I do think that that what is wrong is that you have to hack your own device in order to install some software. In that sense the iPod Touch is much worse that any other PDA of the maket (that happily accept new software).

Time will tell us whether this new trend of restricting gadget owner's rights will succeed or not.


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