rdesktop missunderstanding

Every now and then I need to use Windows-only software for a project. I try to avoid it as much as I can but sometimes there is not other way.

Over the years I've tried different approaches with mixed success:
  1. Dual-boot machine.
  2. A virtual machine running the second OS (i.e: using VMware).
  3. Running Windows applications over Wine or even better CrossOver Office.
Recently I tried a new approach (not that I claim it is any type of innovation though) which is the use of a Windows 2003 server and Terminal Services. This way you can connect a remote terminal over the network. This is similar to Windows XP remote desktop but multiuser.

While you can use a thin-client to access your new desktop I am using rdesktop client software. It is very responsive even over the Internet and it allows you to share folders with the remote desktop. This way you can exchange files securely and easily.

The feature that was driving me mad was remote audio. You can also import audio output from the remote desktop. However you have to set this by using the switch -r sound:local and for some reason I was always thinking that the right setup was -r sound:remote and no sound was getting through. Once I realized of my mistake everything is working nicely.


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