Awesome web service

I was browsing this photography blog when I learned about a cool and very useful service. The image below describes better than I would do it what it is about. In the past I featured a similar service but I've found this new service better.

Assignment #4 - Get more documents

Please note I throw at it the first document I've found on my desktop. It seems to handle many different type of popular office files. I think I'll be using this system for my students in the future.

In order not to change my site CSS code I've shrunk the width of the embedded object a bit too much :-(

You may use the link on the left bottom side of the image to go to the home page of the document where it will be shown full width.


Hiroshi Ikeda said…
It's very interesting. I think we'll use it a lot in my office.
Thank you!!!
Hiroshi Ikeda said…
And take a look at this page. I think you'll be interested in.

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