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I've just bought another arduino board for a project. My main complaint with arduino standard board is that it is not prototype board friendly. I am afraid this was a 'feature' and not an error: This way people would have to buy special prototype boards for arduino. This was a design error that later on has survived to maintain compatibility with existing shields (thanks for shedding some light on this, David)

There are other solutions like Modern Device BBB, but the new iDuino does include the USB adapter that may power and interface to a PC your project. And iDuino kit costs less than $18 so it seems quite cost effective. The main con is that the kit includes a resonator instead of crystal.

I haven't used it yet but it seems another development to have a look at. If you plan to buy one I think you better use Fundamental Logic website instead of eBay.


Mellis said…
The spacing of the pin headers was a mistake, not a way to get people to buy special prototyping boards. The spacing existed before any shields, and we've regretted it ever since. You shouldn't assume the worst in people.
Hiroshi Ikeda said…
The USB conector is a great feature (I'm not an expert but I think in the future I'll give a try). I assume the programming part is easy if you can interact with USB (C++, Java, etc, and for almost any OS), altought I have to search better in order to get the correct commands to IC.
Thank you for the post, that's interesting!!

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