Kudos to Canon

I dumped my old Epson color printer, an Epson Stylus Photo Color 830, after playing any trick to get a decent printing performance for quite a while (I failed). As we needed a new printer at home I searched and browsed around and I settled with Canon's IP4300 that also had good Linux support.

Unfortunately that model was no longer available (I learned this at the computer shop) so it was not an option. I guessed the next model, Canon's IP4500 won't be that different. It was cool as it could do duplex printing automatically.

I was wrong: While the printer worked like a charm ("New" is the best printer brand!) I was disappointed to discover there was not Linux driver. And when I tried the IP4300's driver it did not work at all.

Time to go to the Ubuntu forums: There I was referred to a Canon's portal. In there I downloaded and install a couple of .deb files and next I restarted cups. I connected the printer's USB cable to my computer and it was automagically detected and installed. Couldn't be happier. That's why I want to send my kudos to Canon.

However, as a side note, I do not think ink-jet printers handle well not to be used for more than a week. After the initial excitement and excellent performance, my new printer needed two nozzle cleaning spells this morning after a few days being off. Luckily it now seems to be back to normal.


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