CodeJam Qualification Round

It took place yesterday. It was made of three interesting problems. Not too difficult I would say, but 24h were not long enough for me to finish on time. I did the first too problems: Saving the world and Train Timetable, but I failed the third one: Fly Swatter (I chose Montecarlo approach and I did not get accurate enough results).

I think being familiar with the contest site helped and every time the site was responsive. Being behind of several thousands of more talented guys is good to keep you humble. I loved the mental exercise and it felt great every time you get a Correct! answer.

Still this morning I've been discussing with my colleagues how to get the Fly Swatter right and I have an idea to test, that hopefully will work: Calculate the area of the openings but modifying the value of g so now g is min(0,g-f). One minus the quotient of this area and the circle area should be the answer to the problem (or so I think till I test it).


Freiddie said…
Hello, just to notify that I replied to your comment on my blog. Thanks for commenting!

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