Photoshop degrees

We have some international programs at our university. Besides European students, many students from Spanish-speaking countries from South America are attending too. I am sure there is a good amount of paperwork (yes, in the paperless era it is when paper usage is skyrocketing) to go through the admission process.

The twist is that now some people are thinking this international programs can be used as an excuse to get a visa to enter the country. Some doctored documents are sent in the hope they will go undetected, but while the Photoshop work is good, the background checks on the side of the fraudsters are not: They have created fake titles of real world universities, but they have selected degrees that have never been taught at those universities.

You know that the Euro currency is now used in many (but not all) European countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway come to my mind now) but if you are handed over an Euro from, let's say, Brazil, you are sure it is forged note.

Fraudsters try to make a believable case but, in this case, they did not bother. What will happen with these fake applications I do not know. It seems that some type of organization is behind the these applications, as there are many similarities between several of them.


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