New VMware vmplayer installer for Linux

Since yesterday vmplayer 2.5 is out for free download. One of the tools missing in Ubuntu 8.04 was this (IMHO). Of course it was possible to install it through a more entertained process. I was surprised that VMware was not offering an easy alternative to the huge Ubuntu user base.

Today I've learnt that current version is distributed with an easy (should I say Windows-like?) installer.

  1. Download the software package with .bundle extension
  2. chmod +x VMware-Player-2.5.0-118166.i386.bundle
  3. sudo ./VMware-Player-2.5.0-118166.i386.bundle


Thanks VMware!


Anonymous said…
Thanks- now why couldn't they tell you that on or near the vmware download page?
Miguel Sánchez said…
Actually I wonder what to do with that file.

I googled for .bundle file extension too.

I think you're absolutely right, people downloading the file should not need to search for something that should have been stated on the download page.
Anonymous said…
doh! 70% done on the .RPM
I knew that was a mistake :)
Miguel Sánchez said…
Sorry pal!
Anonymous said…
How to upgrade the vmtools inside the virtual machine? I would like to use the unity funcionality but vmplayer requires to upgrade the tools.
Thanks, Nen
Miguel Sánchez said…
Hi Nen,

I think you can use this approach.
Anonymous said…
Well so much for the getting the Windows tools iso from the linux trial of Workstation the easy way. Looks like I'll have to run a Live-CD then get save the extracted windows tools ISO. What a pain!

(Skip the "just switch to Linux" comments.)

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