Enterprise WPA troubles

Two gadgets we've got recently refused to access the university wireless network. The reason is that WPA with an EPA-PEAP autentication server is used on UPV campus. The ASUS eeePC that comes with Xandros Linux does not support that. Alternatively I could use the eeePC built-in VPN to connect to a secondary wireless network, but again, that software did not work either.

The Nokia E71 cellphone does support WPA Enterprise, but contrary to other wifi setup that can be done on the fly, the so called WPA Enterprise is hidden down there in the system configuration menus.

The solution I took for the eeePC was quite radical as I installed eeeXubuntu. There is a special Xubuntu version that worked for me. You create a boot image on a USB flash dish to get it installed on the eeePC. One word of warning though: I you accept to install system updates, each new kernel update will break the Atheros wireless driver (it can be rebuilt later, but it's a manual process).

The solution for E71 was to ask our Computer Center helpdesk. Again, the process was documented on our web, but not very visible when searching unless you know in advance where to look.


sandy said…
can you please point me to the Instructions to connect the Nokia E 71 to an WPA enterprise network
Thanks In Advance
You've got to go to Tools/Settings/Connection/Access points and then select the network you want to join. Then scroll down filling in all the different options. Please remember to install a digital certificate (if needed) and set the right EAP protocol (you may need to ask which one to use for your network).

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