Inkjet vs Laser

Have you ever been interested on the output quality of both Inkjet and Laser printers? I can see many comments on the net about the cost of running the two types of printers. Someone mentioned that HP is making $10 billion dollars a year selling inkjet cartridges (this seems like a lot of money).

I am not worried about the printers' running cost at the moment. A recent project required me to study a few pages of a document. On a closer inspection I realized they were not printed on the same printer. While laser printed documents create well-defined contours, inkjet printers seem to create small ink spikes on line contour (as you can see on this entry photo).

Light reflection properties are also different, inkjet black being non-reflective but laser printed black being slighty reflective.

I'm not complaining about any type of printers as for regular use I think both provide good-enough output. However, it seems it is not difficult to tell which printer you are using just looking closely to your document.


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