Stippling fun

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a monochome representation of an image using just dots? This is what stippling is all about.

The next question is how this can be done. You might have seen Wall Street Journal hedcuts and they look great, but they are produced by a human artist.

Machine-based approaches like dithering and half-toning work well too, but they are not quite the same as the above.

Google led me to the nice work of Adrian Secord, with the not so suggestive name of Weighted Voronoi Stippling.

Author provided binaries and source code too. Unfortunately it did not work for me. But after contacting the author, who provided me an updated binary that ran on my Leopard iMac. You have a sample image of the input (right) and output (left).

I want to thank Adrian for being so kind of including my suggestion of adding SVG output to his code (and for making his project's code available).


André said…
Dear Mr. Sánchez,

this comment may seem a little odd, but after searching for quite a while I stumpled upon your post concerning the Weighted Voronoi Stippling by Adrian Secord. I am myself a graphic designer and pretty impressed by the results of this method. The bad thing is, I don’t really know how to code and I am not able to compile the source code to try out the effect. Anyway, I read that you were fortune enough to lay your hand on the mac version of this program. I would be very grateful if you could mail me the os x program of the Stippler, so that I could try out this tool. my email is: mw (at)

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

all the best


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