Avoid password after suspend on Ubuntu

As it use to happen, once you search the net for something you realize other people have done it before and hopefully have written about the solution to the same problem too. That has been the case when I was working about a way of suppressing a reasonable behavior of Ubuntu OS on my laptop: When it is wake up from suspend, the user is asked for the password. It is a well thought out security feature but it was annoying for me.

I use the laptop mostly while watching TV on my coach (ideal for skipping the ads). However I do not have a backlit keyboard (I envy my wife's MacBook which does). So typing a password with not much light in the room is error prone.

Fortunately it was easy once you find the way of changing the system configuration. Here it is.


klondike said…
What would be nice, is being able of enabling and disabling this feature with a single click or depending on the power governor enabled.

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