iLife'09: Really worth it

I've just got my upgrade from Apple. Although I bought a MacBook early this year it did come with iLife'08 software. After watching some of the features about the new version I asked Apple for my own copy, that was not free but around $10 of shipping cost.

Software install took a long time (more than 30 minutes) and iPhoto browsing more than ten thousand photos needed more than two hours. But after that it was really fun to use the new "Faces" feature. Though not perfect it does an Ok job of detecting people's faces on your photos.

On the musical side, the new GarageBand includes a cool feature with music lessons you can download (some are free and some are for a fee). If you have a MIDI/USB dongle you can attach a music keyboard (our cheap eBay dongle worked nicely).

iMovie seems to have some advantages too, but iPhoto and GarageBand new features made the switch for us really worth it, even if you have to pay the full price. I've found the new photo slideshows a great feature: so cool I might be buying a Mac Mini for my TV set soon.


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