MacBook Superdrive problem

We all love the MacBook at home. For a while we made no use of the built-in Superdrive.

However, I noticed that the rubber feet did not work well when I put the laptop on a table: It slided easily while used. I thought it was a poor-design detail, maybe it was not flat enough.

A few days after buying the laptop, early this year, I saw the advertising of the new iLife'09. I thought it might be included with my laptop but it was not. A couple of email messages from customer support did not much to enlighten me on how to get my copy for free. A friend of mine showed me I could be eligible for an upgrade for a small shipping fee and so I buy it.

Once I've got the iLife DVD is when the problem struck me hard: The MacBook refused consistently accepting the disc. I was not even sure whether another disc might be stuck inside or not. Several tricks to get system to eject the disc failed but I was almost sure the unit was empty. I thought it was a real shame that a brand new laptop was giving me such a problem. Maybe I would need to go the Apple shop to get my computer serviced. I was not happy.

Next I thought that when I bought my computer the 4GB RAM was an upgrade they performed at the shop. I was asked to wait a few minutes to get the extra RAM added to my system. So I thought it might well be the disc problem due to something they did wrong when upgrading my system.

I googled for the RAM upgrade procedure and I saw all the back cover had to be removed. Only a small screwdriver was needed (did I say it had to be really tiny?). After removing the cover I saw the image you can see on this entry (click on it to get a larger view). Well ... all of it but without the yellow box.

Did you guess it?

They had left the old RAM memory cards on top of the Superdrive and then closed the cover. This error was causing both the bottom cover to avoid a good fit of the rubber feet on a flat surface and, more importantly, the Superdrive not to accept any disc.

Once removed and put the cover back on, they system was happily accepting iLife DVD and I was very happy not to have to carry the system to be serviced. I have noticed too, that the four rubber feet are doing its job!!


Jesus said…
Hello Miguel:

This is known as the "spanish mess of the job"

Miguel Sánchez said…
Hi Jesus,

Do you need a 1GB SO DIMM? :^)

Jesus said…
Hi Miguel,


Thank you very much


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