iPhoto Books: be warned!

No, I'm not going to complain about the output quality (at least not yet as I'm still waiting for my order).

What I want to complain about is the fact that your iPhoto Book orders do not show up on your Apple Store account. And apparently this oddity has been happening for quite a while.

That means that there is no way for you to know about your order status. Of course there is a confirmation email sent to your Apple ID email but, what if your .mac account has expired? (then you no longer have access to that email).

To make things worse, once 1-click order has been activated iPhoto will not ask you for an additional confirmation when issuing a new order (I guess that's the 1-click beauty once your Apple ID email account works nicely).

Calling customer service did not help much, as I was assured my credit card was not billed and somehow I had no pending orders. Calling my bank gave me another version: My credit card was billed (and apparently my order was taking longer than expected to arrive).

At this point I was no longer sure the "easy" route that iPhoto promised to get my photo book was actually easy. Even worse, once I realize customer service gave me the wrong information after forcing me to wait several minutes at the phone I was angry.

To make things worse, I had order a second photo book by mistake (thinking the customer service information was right and being unable so see the order on the Apple Store site). And I could not find a way to cancel that duplicated order.

Thankfully, the link provided above included a cool tip. You can visit this url to know your iPhoto Book orders and, if within 90 minutes from your order, you can cancel it. What this information is not clearly stated on Apple Store I do not know. However I have asked them to fix this as it's been this way for at least two years.

Apple Store's answer:

iPhoto is an Online service that does not belong to our Store.

For any query or issue with iPhotos, please, go to http://www.apple.com/es/support/photoservices/contact_us/ . You will find a rebate to fill out, and in the next 48 business hours, an agent will provide you full support by email.


tangvik said…
Thanks a lot, I've placed an order 8th December, and had no clue what status my order's at.
Your link was very helpful, can't thank you enough.

One tip from me to you: If you have an @mac.com account, and not using @mac.com adress, you can change the adress and still keep your account :-)

Miguel Sánchez said…
I have no idea e-mail address could be changed on .Mac accounts.

Thanks a lot for the information.

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