Two useful additions to your Iomega Screenplay pro HD

I've found the network transfers to take forever on this device. Between 1 and 2 Mbytes/second is really slow by todays standards. It means around 4GB per hour.

I'm happy with the torrent download functionality I mentioned on a previous entry but there is a catch: What if your download contains a sequence of RAR files? Yep, it happened to me with a 16GB download. Moving this back and forth to a PC would took more than 8 hours!!

So the obvious idea is ... why not to have unrar command on the SPP? And this is what I did. I looked for the source code, and using a buildroot ext2 image file I compiled unrar command. Now I can telnet to my box and launch it without the need of moving files back and forth. It's not lightspeed but it's minutes instead of hours.

The other improvement was to add SSH functionality by borrowing dropbear binary from OpenWRT project. Please have a look at dropbear documentation so you can install in properly on your system (a few files and links need to be created to get it working). It also includes SCP file transfers.


damaltor said…

i want to reuse the binary of unrar for a argosy hv359t device, wich essentially is the same as the screenplay pro.

but i need the file wich is linked by "/lib/", because this lib is missing on the argosy device. coul you send it to me or better, upload it somewhere? that would be great. thanks in advance... =)

Miguel Sánchez said…
I do not have that file in my system. But I have unrar working. You may want to try my binary.
damaltor said…
ok.. tis binary actually wants the same file, libuclibc++.

i found a working uclibc++. both binaries do now unrar correctly, but dump the core after quitting.

well, better then nothing i guess :)
Miguel Sánchez said…
Yoy may want to use buildroot to create a development system for compiling using your target system. I did not have a lot luck using buildroot though. I guess the problem is your system has a different set of libraries thann mine.

Just in case you have not thought about it: You need the library file for your own architecture (it won't work the same file from a linux PC).

Good luck!
damaltor said…
yes, i know that ;)

thi firmware for the two devices are exactly the same, there is only a very few files changed. the hardware is the same, too. the binary dows work now without core dump, but only when called with arguments. if i just call "unrar", it spits out usage info and then dumps core.
Miguel Sánchez said…
If it works with parameters, that's a start.

Without params it prints the help page, but it ends with

unrar: can't resolve symbol 'dl_iterate_phdr'
damaltor said…
ok, here it ends with

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'i'

well, thats fairly enough to work with... thanks a lot for your help :)
Роман said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Роман said…
damaltor, hi!
How did you come up with screenplay firmware on your argosy device? i'm trying to find solution, but still nothing :( if helps, here's my adress contact @
damaltor said…
the actual screenplay firmware doesnt work on the argosy device. or better, it would probably work, but i havent found an easy way to flash it yet. you probably could extract the firmware image and write it directly to the disk, but i just left it with the argosy software. it is identical anyways. but i downloaded the screenplay skin from the screenplay wiki, and put it onto the argosy device. works nicely.
Роман said…
One thing I even posted to Argosy's support email - FLAC playback. I have a huge collection of flac audio, that i would like to play on argosy. As mentioned in ScreenPlay model specs, it supports flacs :( Even, thank you for such a quick reply ;) Will try to somehow figure this out.
alex golotte said…
Hi Miguel Sánchez

It seems that I’m doing something wrong to try update the software on my ScreenPlay PRO HD

I’m using a MAC - OSX

ScreenPlay PRO HD
User name: ADMIN
Pasword: ADMIN

sudo nmap -A
--> SMB active


/Volumes/ScreenPlay$ ls -als
total 4320
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Sep 16 2014 ./
0 drwxr-xr-x@ 4 root wheel 136B Apr 24 09:36 ../
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Jun 6 2014 .TemporaryItems/
2048 -rwx------ 1 Alex staff 296B Jun 6 2014 .apdisk*
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Sep 21 2005 REC/
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Mar 24 2010 RECYCLER/
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Mar 24 2010 System Volume Information/
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Mar 24 2010 back-up/
2048 -rwx------ 1 Alex staff 255K Apr 24 09:47 unrar (1)*
32 drwx------ 1 Alex staff 16K Apr 24 09:46 unrar 2/

on the TV screen by menu :
results in FAIL

How did you install it???
alex golotte said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miguel Sánchez said…
It has been a long time since my ScreenPlay broke (or it was the power supply?).

My guess is that filenames with blanks may cause trouble. But please note I cannot check it on my side anymore.
alex golotte said…
I gonna try it out, have nothing tho loose

thanks for your quick reaction

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