27" iMac itch

It's been reported that many geeks are developing a kind of itch associated with visits to the Apple store. Unfortunately I went to a local dealer last week and I've catch it. The only cure I've found is to just go and buy a new 27" iMac.

While the display is awesome (I've got 17" before), I'm quite impressed with the new mouse. I really like it. If mouse battery usage is ok or not I can't tell yet.

Display works great even angled. Sound is ok. Desktop is tidier now. Only doubt is USB access, as being in the back I have a difficult access to it (but I might be moving to SD format instead for easier access to the slot).

I just hope I won't be reporting soon any trouble the system is giving me (as it has happened to me in the past).

Please remember I've warned you: Do not get close to an Apple shop!

Update: I have had this problem with my MBP before and it is one annoying error when using the shell in Snow Leopard. Every type your write a pipe, you have to leave the next command with no space from pipe bar. If you leave a space the shells cannot find the command. I was copying some files from another system using nc 1234 | tar xv - and I was getting an error as if tar command was not found. Of course tar command was installed and well.

Update2: Actually I was wrong: The error happened again when I was having a remote shell session with a Linux host. Then I realized the problem was not the shell command interpreter on Snow Leopard but something else. A bit of trial and error led me to the root cause of my problem. I had to press "Alt" to get the pipe sign. If I am not releasing the "Alt" key fast enough, it is still pressed when I type the space bar. This leads to a blank space on Snow Leopard terminal but apparently it is not a real space character but another one, so the host shell thinks this is part of the name of the next command and it fails to find it. The solution is simple: be careful not to press Alt while typing a space.

Just for the sake of curiosity I did this(second space is Alt-space):
$ echo " " | hexdump -C
00000000 20 c2 a0 0a | ...|

Yeah, 0xc2 0xa0 is not definitely a 0x20 space. Is it? Actually 0xc2a0 is a NBSP in UTF-8!!!


Unknown said…
Congratulations Miguel

vierito5 said…
I just wanna try how one of those screens feel like... congrats!

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