How not to get a Kindle DX

Apparently I'm out of luck. Last Nov 8th I ordered a Kindle DX from one Amazon's associate. It was shipped Nov 10th and that's all I know since. As the estimated delivery date passed a few days ago I contacted customer service and I was asked to wait a few more days and then to claim for a refund.

As this is my second unsuccessful attempt of buying a Kindle DX, though I have not yet got the refund of my first attempt (still sitting there on my PayPal account) I reckon there is not going to be a third attempt. Whether there is some black magic involved or not I do not know. When I tasked myself with buying a Kindle DX I was not aware it would be so difficult.

Last time I could blame eBay seller, but this time I was buying from an Amazon associate (Warehouse Deals). I'm not buying a DR1000S as battery issues render it almost useless. Something that for a device costing double than a Kindle DX I cannot accept. So maybe I'll wait to see what Plastic Logic delivers in January 2010.


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