Got Kindle!

Though it's been one of the most difficult items to buy, I finally manage to get my Kindle DX. In a previous post I detailed the different failed attempts, but finally at the third one I've got my Kindle DX delivered.

Incidentally I discovered that my first buy from Amazon was stolen and being already used in USA. How did I learn that? Easier than you may think: When you buy a Kindle form Amazon (unless it is a gift for another person) it is registered automatically to you account. Next you can manage your Kindle from Amazon's website. One of the things you can do is to check the status of the documents that have been delivered through Whispernet and those that are still pending.

There is a default "Thank you letter" that is delivered to each customer. As Amazon sent me two Kindles (first shipment was lost, replacement shipment arrived) I had got two Kindles registered on my account. Each one had different email address and to my surprise I could see that that the "Thank you letter" had been delivered to my first unit (the one never arrived) on Nov 13th. This unit was shipped on Nov 10th but it was never received. The second Kindle (the one I received) had that same letter pending as I'm based in Spain now and Whispernet does not work here.

I notified this fact to Amazon and my first Kindle was removed from my account. I was warned that the did this to protect me: Those who stole it form the mail could buy books that would be charged to my account. I haven't thought about this but I'm glad Amazon did it for me.

My first experience about DX is that it is comfortable, the 5-way joystick works well but I wonder how durable it will be. A4-size PDF read well, though I expected DX to be slightly larger. Right now I'm upgrading it to the version 2.3 firmware.


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