Happy New Year and other stuff

This year has been an exciting one on the technology side but it is been a crappy year for most economies of the world. I keep my fingers crossed for a better 2010 on all fronts.

As you can see in the picture of the right, the Kindle DX has an annoying "feature" of showing the full media box of PDF files instead of the crop box. That means you have to recreate the PDF file if you want to get rid of these elements only useful for the print house. The problem they create is that some of the screen real state is wasted on them, making the rest of the page smaller.

My verdict about Kindle DX screen size is that it is too small for viewing A4 or US letter PDF documents comfortably but most PDF formatted books will be ok tough.

January issue of Circuit Cellar magazine will carry an article I authored. It is an Arduino-based project for a three axis stepper motor PC interface. Please note simultaneous use of several axis was not desired nor implemented. Popular stepper motor driving modes are explained and Arduino source code is provided. If you need simultaneous axis working at a time, you can check Reza's blog that contains a more professional approach.

From what I have read, it seems that Circuit Cellar magazine will join forces with Elektor magazine for a better worldwide coverage.


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