Trouble on Googleland

Just as Google seems to be facing some trouble with EU regulators, my (till now) trusty Gmail account started to give me trouble too.

I started a thread on Gmail help forums a week ago complaining of a sudden and weird problem. It turns out that many people are reporting a similar problem.

A cool feature of Gmail is that you can fetch emails from other accounts supporting POP3 access. It has been working great for a long time, with the added benefit of using Gmail's spam filtering on that other account's emails.

Unfortunately, starting two weeks ago, Gmail stops fetching emails from these other accounts for no good reason. While a fix has been posted: save the affected account settings again, this fix does not last long and problem eventually reappears.

While it might look like certain ISP is to blame, given the different and varied error reports it looks much more likely that trouble is in Gmail systems.


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