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Unexpected treat

Now that the classes are over and I'm thinking about a summer trip I've got myself a new camera. Two years ago I was impressed with Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera but I did not buy it as I've just bought a DSLR by then.

Last night I was checking prices on eBay and I saw a good deal for a Canon S90. I checked its features and it turned to be Canon's answer to Panasonic's LX3. It also has a nice F2.0 lens with more zoom than LX3 (28-105mm), a 10 Mpixel sensor and a nice 3" display. It has plenty of manual control and a myriad of shooting modes too. And it is compact, a bit more compact than LX3. I was not planning on buying it but apparently nobody else was interested on bidding and below $300 it was a steal.

My first experiences with the camera are good. Not really sure about the best way of holding it as it is quite small. The worst part is the wrist strap that does not seem to fit nicely.
She will explain all the basics better than me.