My wife has got an iPad

I've been reluctant to give in to the latest Apple gizmo. I tried it out last week and it was ok. Web browsing was smooth and comfortable till you reach a flash based page (flash does not work out of the box). The best feature I noticed was that it dos not get hot. This is very nice when the weather is hot.

Writting tris entry using iPad keyboad proved not to be very convenient, as many words get replaced by others guessed by Safari to be what I want to write. Maybe it is causes by a mismatch between my localization and writing in English here. A simple post like this took me ten minutes and lots of backspace.


Josemanu said…
Si, es un aparatito muy interesante. Yo he jugueteado un poco con el y me ha gustado mucho, aunque la verdad, el precio me parece una exageración.
Perdona que no postee en ingles, pero se me da fatal el escribirlo. Leerlo es otra cosa, por ello sigo tu blog con mucho interes.
Miguel Sánchez said…
Thanks Josemanu. I force myself to write in English but comments aré welcome in any language. Definitely using iPad foro Facebook or blogger in English while having Spanish keybard is not nice, as many suggestions are wrong.
Miguel Sánchez said…
Some of the typos of my previous message were self-inflicted (i.e: aré, foro)
Rasmus Thielke said…
Hi Miguel,
did you find a solution to enable flash on the ipad?

Regards from Berlin,
Miguel Sánchez said…
@Rasmus: No, I have not figured out how to make Flash to work on iPad (I have not been trying hard, maybe there are some choices).

Of course, you can get Flash 10.1 to work on some Android tablets and phones.

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