Snow Leopard on your favourite virtual platform

I've been using computers for quite a while and one of the things I like is to play with them. Since Apple moved away from PowerPC processors to Intel x86 processors many people thought we will soon have OS X on our PC hardware. Being Apple a hardware company, they have few reasons to make that happen (or so they think and act upon).

A few attempts from small hardware manufacturers of offering hardware that allows the install of OS X have faced a lawsuit that more or less kicked them out of business.

Some other people just made that same thing just for fun. What they call hackintosh computers are PCs running OS X that has been install after a more or less "hide and seek" game with several DVDs.

You need determination and the right hardware to get it working. Many times, a software update prevents your system to boot up next time. As a challenge it might be fun, but there is no fun on discovering your work is buried inside a system you can no longer boot-up. So the use of this hackingtosh computers may not be recommended (some even claim it might be a breach of OS X EULA, which does not allow it to be installed on non-Apple hardware).

As we have several Apple computers at home, I do not have a big incentive on running OS X on a PC, but I've always found it an interesting proposal. I've tried to install it on several old computers without luck. But yesterday I tried this simple steps to get it working on VMPlayer and it seems to work nicely (once I managed to change the locale to Spanish/English instead of the original Russian of the virtual machine image).


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