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Galaxy S: a few months later

A few months of use have given me some perspective on Samsung's Galaxy S. What I have liked is how easy it was to get Gmail working and configuration of services in general. But several things have been confusing and not so nice: for example the use of calendars or the contact lists. It seems you can maintain several calendars and there are different places where you can store your contact list.
The initial contact list synchronization was not easy as Galaxy S won't work with Apple's iSync. I used SyncMate application but I did not like either. But I can recommend Dropbox as it is a great tool not only to get content onto your smartphone but also to upload pictures from it.
While a do like Android, the system has a lot of room for improvement, the worst thing is the variability on the response time. Sometimes the system is just not interested on what you do. You may get a call you cannot answer for a few seconds because the system is busy doing something else. I do not like …