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Apple knows how to make friends too.

Sony has presented itself during the last years as a company that has no problem suing their own clients and fans. Several lawsuits against hackers that unlocked previously existing features on some Sony products were dragged to court. I do not think this is a smart move.

Corporations need to understand that customers are a blessing and not a curse. Even if they do not plan on using the product they are buying the way the corporation wants them too. I do not think a company would be offended if I am buying a TV set just to use it as a door step. But even if the are, they can keep that feeling to themselves as they are keeping my money too. Business is more about making money and less about exerting power over your user base.

Apple has been involved in several lawsuits recently to prevent other corporations (i.e: Amazon, Microsoft) to use the term "App Store". It is unclear whether the term is too generic to be protected or not, but it does not look good for Apple at the moment…

Splines for smoothing a shape

Some code for smoothing out a shape, as a curved appearence works better than the shape made of straight lines. 2D splines code was found in forums. Base points of the shape are marked by red dots. Kinect was used to extract the outlines.


standby="Loading Processing software..." >

Source code: splines
Built with Processing