Remote Desktop is gone

Last year I bought a small notebook to keep me updated of what was available in Windows 7. Being a small computer, using it for a long session and, in particular the mouse pad, is not very pleasant. So while I am not on the go, I rather would prefer to access this computer remotely to use my desktop's bigger screen and more comfortable mouse.

I was shocked when I learned that Microsoft had "streamlined" some versions of Windows 7 so some features were missing for some of them. I later learned that Windows 7 Home Premium does not include the Remote Desktop server that was common in Windows XP.

I occasionally use remote control tools like TeamViewer with great success (or other variants of VNC) but the main problem is they do not work as smoothly as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) nor they allow you to resize the desktop area at log-on time.

One colleague of mine mentioned, while I was complaining about the missing Remote Desktop on my notebook, that there was a hack to get back Remote Desktop. I tried it, and it worked like a charm. Not only you can get Remote Desktop service back, but it is possible to get RDP concurrent sessions too.


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