Arts exhibit

I've been quite busy lately so I've not been posting news but doing new stuff. A few weeks ago a new exhibit it the City Museum of Valencia by local artist Rubén Tortosa stated and one of the pieces was this one, which I designed and programmed.

It is an interactive installation that grabs the visitor silhouette and then it draws it onto the wall at a random location. Drawing accuracy is not intended (or so I was told by the artist). We went for a very simple design, based on my vertical plotter, and a Kinect device was used to gather the images. You can see below a sample of some the drawings of the very first days of the exhibit.

The exhibit will be open till the end of this year and there is no entrance fee. Together with the installation there is a set of interesting pictures I have nothing to do with.

Update: Wow, we're on the Arduino blog now. Arduino code is quite unremarkable as we use a couple of Pololu motor controllers driving the stepper motors. Processing code is a bit more interesting (or so I think).


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